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“Friend, you were actually made for a purpose.  You were made to know God.  All the frustrations you experience in life are there, in part, in God’s kindness, to show you that this life, this world, is not all there is.  It is too small to fit the hopes of a creature made in His image.”  

—Mark Dever, 2015 TGC National Conference Plenary Session


Thirty thousand days isn’t long, but it’s all we’re usually given.  How can we live joyfully — with eternal perspective — in a world burdened by struggles, sorrow, and the press of time?

Eighteen years of urban ministry have given me a front-row seat to observe spiritual battle, incredible compassion, lives of deep purpose, and tragedies of shipwrecked souls.  I’ve been blessed to survive on the generosity of others and I’ve seen firsthand the fruits of selfless love.  Thirty Thousand Days is my account of a life spent longing for home, and a few signposts for my fellow travelers.  It’s a book for the aliens and strangers; for Christians determined to live “unhooked and unhindered;” for pilgrims seeking a life of joy, purpose, and significance (be it ever so brief).  As C. S. Lewis said, “I must keep alive in myself the desire for my true country, which I shall not find till after death; I must never let it get snowed under or turned aside; I must make it the main object of life to press on to that other country and to help others do the same.”  This book examines a range of topics, always from the sojourner’s perspective:  how do we worship wholeheartedly, knowing that we are not home yet?  How do we stand firm?  Hold loosely?  Give generously?

You can find it online at places like Amazon,, or, as well as Target and Barnes & Noble.

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“The sweet madness of Jesus calls us to cling to Him when we can’t see Him, when nothing makes a lick of sense. We abide in Him because of deep-hearted love, love that makes us desperate for Him, love that makes us trust when our circumstances scream that we should abandon hope. The foolishness of following Jesus leads us out on a flimsy limb and only the illogical eleventh-hour rescue of Jesus saves us from certain destruction. But save us He will, because He is Redeemer, Deliverer, Savior, Messiah. We wait—teeth clenched, heart pounding—we wait for the ram in the thicket, the parting of the sea, fire on the altar. We wait for the One we love.” 



Even the humble sparrow is welcome in the courtyard of the King.

Often when we take the leap of faith to follow Christ, we feel more exhilarated than fearful. Discipleship, in the beginning, is a joyful adventure. But “counting the cost” by definition involves sacrifice; weariness takes a toll. We lose hope. How incredible that God, with His eye on the sparrow, sees us. Our struggles are never in vain. Featuring a study guide that meanders through the Psalms, Sparrow offers an honest look at what life is like in the valley, and an account of what God did during a sabbatical to bring one family back to joy.

Sparrow is available online at Amazon and

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