When prayer is a feast, and you realize you’re famished.

Which came first, the prayer or the answer to it? Let's say there is a season of drawing near, hungry as Oliver Twist, drawn by the lavish feast and the door thrown open. Let's say the table is piled high with steaming loaves of bread and trays of smoky meat, fruit like bright jewels, overflowing... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Story: Stay or Go, Part 3

I am delighted to have Jen Oshman share her story here today! Talk about a lot of ups and downs in the following! Maybe hearing Jen's story is just what we need to prepare our hearts for the unexpected. What a great question she asks: "Who are we and who is God?" I find that... Continue Reading →

Shar’s Story: Stay or Go, Part 2

I am so honored to have Shar Walker share her story here today! Shar and I met a few months back at a Gospel Coalition women's event here in Denver, and I knew she would be a fantastic person to interview about the geographical cost of discipleship. Her experiences with the stay-or-go decision, like my... Continue Reading →

Inconvenient Joy

When all of an instant you realize that something beautiful and taken for granted is slipping—has slipped—away. When an old song on the radio brings to mind a very specific, very simple, happy memory—licking frosting from a spatula, or wading in clear water, laughing like anything. When you become aware (a changing of the light,... Continue Reading →

Kate’s Magic 8 Ball

Kate, circa 1986: Magic 8 Ball, will I ever have a house with secret tunnels and an elevator?  Don’t count on it. Will I live among gypsies in Spain?  My sources say no. Be a teacher?  You may rely on it. Marry the red-headed boy?  Outlook not so good. Write a best-seller?  (Magic 8 Ball... Continue Reading →

See Eternally: Homesick, Part 2

In the waiting, do you lose heart? God is not dead, nor does he sleep. The hiddenness of God does not indicate his absence, his apathy, or even his inaction, just our own blindness. We can't see God or his host of angels any more than we can see electrons whirling around in our fingertip.... Continue Reading →

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