Thanksgiving Recipes to be Thankful For

Here's what I got: recipes that are good enough to make a mediocre cook look good. Y'all, I am not Julia Child. I am not my friend Lauren, who can whip up 5 star meals with an almost bare cupboard. Nope, I'm the one who thinks the free samples at Costco constitute a great meal... Continue Reading →


for the small things: light on water, shaded forest, laughter ringing clear my mind to see your beauty make me thankful, Lord for the moments gone forever, conversations, love so fleeting, give me power to remember, make me thankful, Lord all the gifts declare your kindness,  joyful Father, loving Friend, make me long for you,... Continue Reading →

More, Please

Seems to me there are two ways to handle the Thanksgiving feast this week without gaining a million pounds: there’s the less plan and the more plan.  The less plan says less fat, fewer carbs, no fried food (hello, exploding turkey fryer!), and for Pete’s sake, no pie.  The other plan says more.  Give me... Continue Reading →

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