The Strategic Friendship of Financial Supporters

The first overseas missionary I remember meeting was a single woman who lived in Africa. When I was a child, she stayed in our home for a week and gave me a lovely necklace of polished gray seeds that came from her beloved Angola. In the evenings, she told stories that danced in my young... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Story: Stay or Go, Part 3

I am delighted to have Jen Oshman share her story here today! Talk about a lot of ups and downs in the following! Maybe hearing Jen's story is just what we need to prepare our hearts for the unexpected. What a great question she asks: "Who are we and who is God?" I find that... Continue Reading →

Shar’s Story: Stay or Go, Part 2

I am so honored to have Shar Walker share her story here today! Shar and I met a few months back at a Gospel Coalition women's event here in Denver, and I knew she would be a fantastic person to interview about the geographical cost of discipleship. Her experiences with the stay-or-go decision, like my... Continue Reading →

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