Billy Graham is 99

My husband can do a mean Billy Graham impersonation.  His voice drops an octave, his eyes start to twinkle, and in his best Southern accent, he implores, "Come on down, just come as you are.  Come on down."  Billy, as you've probably heard, hit 99 today -- 99 years on planet Earth.  The man was... Continue Reading →

Life is Vapor, Week 4

For everything there is a season... This week we made it to Ecclesiastes chapter 3.  I feel like we should all be singing the Byrds right now:  "For everything, turn, turn, turn."  Groovy!  Sadly not everything in Ecclesiastes is peace, love, and rainbows, but we had a great night digging in anyway.  If you are... Continue Reading →

This Year.

This is a year for wonder, a year for paying attention. What if this year was your last?  How would you live it full? This is a year for courage, to live fearless in the face of a world full of fear.  To "be you bravely" --kind, compassionate, generous.  To speak with grace and answer ugly... Continue Reading →

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