Hill and Dale

We came to England for two reasons: first, that my husband could log long hours of research for his PhD, but second, that when he had finished (I use the word loosely), we could rest and recharge. Fourteen years we've been church planting, but we'll return home to a new season. This mini-sabbatical is our... Continue Reading →

“There is No Planet B,” or, Ten Ways the Earth is Good for Your Soul

Emmanuel Macron (he's the president of France, mais oui) spoke to our Congress yesterday, and offered this pithy observation: "We are killing our planet. Let's face it, there is no planet B." Now, I'm not exactly a model conservationist, but I have lived on planet A long enough to know that he's absolutely right. You... Continue Reading →

When the noise is too much.

I want to work a little to swim out past the pea-soup fog to get clear. I want to look over my shoulder and see definitively the smog left. behind. I want to head upstream past the sad remains of yesterday’s convenience of accidental casualties of tomorrow’s nightmare. Enough. There are still springs cold as... Continue Reading →


Zeke ate a mouse the other day. Bit the head right off. Zeke is the name of our neighbor's 7-year-old son, but fortunately, he does not come into this story. Zeke also happens to be the name of a very fluffy black cat that has adopted us. I am not a cat person. I hear... Continue Reading →

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