Shar’s Story: Stay or Go, Part 2

I am so honored to have Shar Walker share her story here today! Shar and I met a few months back at a Gospel Coalition women's event here in Denver, and I knew she would be a fantastic person to interview about the geographical cost of discipleship. Her experiences with the stay-or-go decision, like my... Continue Reading →

TGC Feature: Should I stay or should I go?

Now that I've got Stranger Things stuck in your head... I'm really honored to partner with the Gospel Coalition once again this morning! You can read my article here: Sometimes God Says 'Go.' And Sometimes 'Stay.'  The staying or going question is one we've had to wrestle through multiple times, you? I love hearing how... Continue Reading →

I don’t know the answers…

Lately I've been wondering:  How does God speak? How does God speak to you?  Does He speak the same way to everyone?  Did He speak the same way to everyone in days of old?  Is Scripture the only way God speaks? How can God speak through Scripture when it’s not in front of us?  If we... Continue Reading →

A little birdwatching

We stood at the top of the hill, at the particular bend in the road where we always turned around, pivoted in the mud, and stood rooted in it, our boots sinking in with stubbornness: here is where we will stay. The sun was setting in a rush; already the shadows rose up from the... Continue Reading →

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