thankfulness hymn for the small things: light on water, shaded forest, laughter ringing clear my mind to see your beauty make me thankful, Lord for the moments gone forever, conversations, love so fleeting, give me power to remember, make me thankful, Lord all the gifts declare your kindness, joyful Father, loving Friend, make me long... Continue Reading →

Stacking the odds.

"Best part?" he asks every night at supper. And the kids shout out, especially the happy ones, "Playing with Legos and building a Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Velociraptor!" "Eating doughnuts for breakfast!" "Being here with you, Dad." That one makes a regular appearance, equal parts delightful and deliberate. But some days the kids are grouchy,... Continue Reading →

The Habit of Seeing

Annie Dillard has mastered it.  To see -- to see closely and to see expansively -- to see the habits of crickets and the wide-wheeling stars, behind them both wisdom, and grace, and fearful purpose.  And there are those who see people -- see the quirks and the guiding passions, behind them the yearning for... Continue Reading →

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