HM’s story: Stay or Go, Part 4

I've got one last story for you today! This one is from a sweet friend whose staying and going has had huge personal impact on our family, on our church. Although they are momentarily unable to go back overseas as they'd like, in their staying they are hard at work raising up other go-ers. How... Continue Reading →

Jen’s Story: Stay or Go, Part 3

I am delighted to have Jen Oshman share her story here today! Talk about a lot of ups and downs in the following! Maybe hearing Jen's story is just what we need to prepare our hearts for the unexpected. What a great question she asks: "Who are we and who is God?" I find that... Continue Reading →

Shar’s Story: Stay or Go, Part 2

I am so honored to have Shar Walker share her story here today! Shar and I met a few months back at a Gospel Coalition women's event here in Denver, and I knew she would be a fantastic person to interview about the geographical cost of discipleship. Her experiences with the stay-or-go decision, like my... Continue Reading →

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