Flammable Pajamas

Caution Tape
Caution Tape (Photo credit: Picture Perfect Pose)

You gotta love helpful warning labels:  Caution — do not sit under coconut tree.  Warning — rat poison causes cancer in laboratory rats.  Ten cuidado — do not rub jalapeno juice in your eyes.  But those flammable pajama labels are so, so important, because I was all set to build a campfire in the kids’ beds before I spotted that helpful tip.


Last night I had a dream that the Christmas tree (yes, it’s still up.  Don’t be jealous.) caught on fire and the house went up in flames.  Even knowing that it was just a dream, I couldn’t go back to sleep for an hour, and lay in the dark thinking about evacuating our three kids in their flammable pajamas.  So this morning we had a crash-course emergency review course at the breakfast table.  We are all ready to proceed calmly to the nearest exit.  Our little guy, aged 7, was visibly troubled at the idea of all of his beloved stuffed tigers going up in smoke, and it did make me wonder what I would grab in my dash for the door.  Jewelry box?  Photo album?  Hard drive?  Financial papers?  Bible?


My husband’s grandparents’ house burnt to the ground when he was in college, and he will always remember wading through ash and finding only a few metal spoons, part of a rifle, a woodburning stove.  Sure, you can take precautions, put the valuables in easy reach, make a plan, but there’s no way to insure against catastrophe, not with all the warning labels in the world.  So what really matters at the end of the day?  What would you grab?


School days, school days.

Books, poems, paper airplanes, walks in the woods, caterpillars, magnifying glasses, music, tasty things that can be measured, fascinating people, unbelievable tales of adventure and derring-do, wonder, telescopes, paint, hammer and nails, candle wax, beeswax, curls of pencil shavings, smudges, laughing, brain teasers, trivia, hearts poured out on paper, challenge, reward, curiosity, dreams. School starts back today. God bless us every one.image

“Life is an opportunity, benefit from it.
Life is beauty, admire it.
Life is a dream, realize it.
Life is a challenge, meet it.
Life is a duty, complete it.
Life is a game, play it.
Life is a promise, fulfill it.
Life is sorrow, overcome it.
Life is a song, sing it.
Life is a struggle, accept it.
Life is a tragedy, confront it.
Life is an adventure, dare it.
Life is luck, make it.
Life is too precious, do not destroy it.
Life is life, fight for it.”
― Mother Teresa

Joyful January

January 2 ought to be known as Anticlimax Day.  The turkey is getting a little… ripe, the lights are coming down, the New Year’s Resolutions have already been broken, the batteries in the new toys have died.  The parties are over, the eggnog’s run out, the radio is playing the same old songs from October — well, September, maybe.  So now there’s nothing for it but to sink into joy.

Christmas is fun and splashy and distracting.  It’s happy.  This is happiness:Image 

January is slow and calm, a return to normal, the “big reveal” of how your heart was before the holiday madness.  Some see it is a let-down, but what if it is the best saved for last?  In January you can rest, take stock, appreciate, feel your life full.  This is joy:Image



Happiness: bubbly, shiny, peppy, laughing, spinning, dancing, merry, gone in a flash. Joy: deep, still, beautiful, haunting, persistent, light shining down into dark places.

May you have a truly joyful January.

Critics, and other miserable ones.

imageJust got to see my favorite Broadway show of all time, now repackaged as my new favorite movie. May I just say: Wow.

I read a snatch of review: “there will always be people who like overblown emotion,” smug critic said. I kept replaying his words in my mind as I watched (and yes, I cried like a baby. Don’t judge me.) Listen, I understand that sentimental drivel appears on the scene way too frequently, but that is altogether different than gut-level emotion — passion, grief, joy. Why are we so afraid to feel?

This movie is crazy awesome on so many levels — incredible characters, at least 4 intermeshed plots, beautiful music, hilarious sideshows, unvarnished horror alongside of shining grace — and in the midst of all that the cast and crew were trying to do, they make us feel. Jean Valjean has to be a criminal, must be a criminal, can’t possibly escape his past — and yet, here he is, heroic, transformed by grace. (Of course, that couldn’t be possible, Smug Critic would say. No one changes. There is no grace.) Fantine is any young girl we know, backed into a corner, slammed to the mucky floor by unforgiving, cruel fate. She is the face of 10,000 girls enslaved right now at this very moment, and as we feel her agony, we understand, and we are made to care. Poor Eponine, loving and forever unloved, willing to give her life for another — we see, and the sacrificial love blows us away. And the boys, the countless boys who rise up for freedom, for justice, whose blood runs in the streets, for what? How many mothers spent Christmas bereft because of sons and daughters killed in war?

Poor Smug Critic, never to feel.

Les Mis is at bottom, a love story: the love of God for a lost soul and the pay-it-forward chain of events that fly imageinto motion as a result. It is grand, epic, because Love is epic. If it doesn’t rip your heart out to realize you are a beggar and a thief impossibly, lavishly, ridiculously loved, then like Javert you have chosen a cold, hard, tit-for-tat ethic in its place. And consider how things turned out for him.

Sing me a song, Mr. Mandolin-man.

English: Chris Thile and The Punch Brothers at...

He wants to play like Chris Thile, wants his fingers to fly across the strings, wants the notes to dance.  We gave him a little mandolin for Christmas, an armful of song. His excitement is contagious — what could be! The little polished bit of rosewood is a dream, a possibility. It reminds me of my first typewriter. No one adds a letter to the alphabet or a note to the scale, yet all the books ever written, all the songs ever sung spilled out of that limited set. It is incredible that we haven’t exhausted the possibilities, that anything new could ever be! Amazing, too, that there could ever be a new human being, a new personality, a new face. How are we not all repeats?

Today you will probably say sentences never said before, think thoughts never thunk. The world will be richer for it.

In my living room the mandolin is plunked. Not really much of a song yet. Wait for it…


Want to share a video with you of our brave friends, Peter and Alana, and their beautiful girls, Katie and Ellie. Ellie suffered an aneurysm five weeks into her life on this planet, and has since spent way more than her share of time in the hospital. Usually when I think of Ellie, I think of sorrow and struggle. But sorrow and joy are kissing cousins. Here’s joy:


thankfulness hymn

for the small things: light on water, shaded forest, laughter ringing
clear my mind to see your beauty
make me thankful, Lord
for the moments gone forever, conversations, love so fleeting,
give me power to remember,
make me thankful, Lord

all the gifts declare your kindness,
joyful Father, loving Friend,
make me long for you, my portion
sweeter, higher, without end

for the shocking incarnation, setting glory to the side,
Jesus, King come as a baby
make me thankful, Lord
for the shocking death you suffered, love propelling Love to die,
Jesus, King killed as a pauper
make me thankful, Lord

all the gifts declare your goodness,
humble Savior, loving Friend,
make me long for you, Redeemer,
sweeter, higher, without end

for the breath of God upon me, blowing through me, to renew me
in my weakness, grace unstinting,
make me thankful, Lord
for the suffering, give me vision of your purpose, of your wisdom
tease out meaning, comfort me
make me thankful, Lord

all the gifts declare your mercy,
tender Spirit, loving Friend
make me taste your kind compassion,
sweeter, higher, without end

for the final destination, journey ending, sailing home
rest and healing, joy and beauty,
make us hopeful, Lord
for the moment we will see you, hear you calling, “welcome home!”
feel your arms in love surround us,
make us hopeful, Lord

all the gifts declare your brightness,
glimpses in the dreams you send,
make us thankful for a future
sweeter, higher, without end

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