Dear Lord,

Humble, expectant, adoring, thankful,

trusting, fearless, free,

obedient, submissive, cheerfully willing, resolute, unflappable,

thirsty to know You,

restless to find You,

aware of Your fingerprints,

beauty-struck, truth-dazzled, childlike,

wonder-full, amaze-able,

gracious, overflowing, joyful, lavish,

servant-hearted, last and least,

single-minded, undistracted,

honest, hopeful, simple,

quiet, bold and unashamed–

Mold me into such a posture, Lord, that the world will see through me to catch a glimpse of You.


2 thoughts on “Make Me a Window

  1. I’m running out of adjectives to tell you what I think of your writing! What a lovely thought. What a beautiful prayer.


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