Maybe if you’re a parent, you’ve heard the term bandied around — “executive functioning.”  It’s a set of skills that some of us, well, lack — the ability to be efficient, be organized, Get It Together.  It comes up in conversation along with words like underperforming, procrastination, and Attention Deficit Disorder.  It’s my nemesis.  And as I was researching how to help my sadly saddled child, inheritor of my weaknesses, I got to thinking about how this scatterbrained tendency impacts people spiritually.  Where does a person start a project that huge, a lifetime of walking with God?  How can you whittle down a thousand page book to a do-able daily goal?

That’s where this article was born, and I hope it offers some of y’all a breath of fresh air.  “Ten Verses for the Spiritually Scattered”

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2 thoughts on “Help for the Spiritually Scattered

  1. I have a wonderful daughter who is nevertheless very ADD. I love her anyway 🙂 – she is one of my two favorite daughters! And she follows the suggestions in this list. It helps her achieve far more than I feared she might. Seems like God’s Word can help even the ADDled.


  2. As a fellow ADD person, I had never thought about how it impacts my walk with Christ…but I see myself in what you have written! Prayers that trail off…distraction when I try to focus on Christ. Thanks for the suggested verses to ponder.


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