When you want to trade Little for Big.

They are still small, mini-people, with that baby fine hair and the imperfect use of pronouns.  But every single one already has strong opinions, big plans.  "Mine," says one. "I want purple."  She snatches a block, fierce and determined.  Her tower is prodigious (maybe six inches tall).  She guards it with a look that means trouble... Continue Reading →

Glory in the Grilled Cheese

What's a good career path for a girl who just wants to change the world?  Stay at home mom, right?  Wait... I’m a person who feels strongly what Courtney Reissig calls the “pull of the spectacular.”  I want my short life to count.  I want to do eternal things with the days I’ve been given.  I... Continue Reading →

"The gospel redeems and enchants every aspect of our lives—from the spectacular to the quotidian. We have a Savior who was a carpenter, a King who spent his days with fishermen. And he taught us that work isn’t ultimately about us, or about how it makes us feel—it’s about 'loving and serving our neighbor.'" --Gracy Olmstead for TGC

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