Under the Sea

We're all up to our necks in it: deadlines, bills, school supplies, car repairs, health concerns, the neighbor's noisy music, that stinky something in the refrigerator that's gone bad and can't be located.  And when we're personally standing firm and holding fast, others around us are drowning.  Look to your right and left at the... Continue Reading →

Remember That Smell

A couple of weeks ago, we watched an old movie with the kids.  First time in maybe twenty years I’d seen it.  Our oldest son had been talking about space, aliens, galaxies far, far away.  Could there be life out there, somewhere?  So we rented E.T., popped some corn, settled back.  As with all old... Continue Reading →

Moving On

Three houses we've bought together, three mortgages, three front doors to hang a wreath, three ovens to bake birthday cakes (sixty four cakes in fifteen years, oh my), three streets to call home, lots of crazy neighbors.  (Crazy Darryl and The Crazy Carpet Lady take the cake.  Put those two in a room together and... Continue Reading →


There are places in the world where a family's tree can be traced back 1,000 years.  A thousand years of gnarled roots in the same square patch of soil:  great-great-great grandparents on the same street where the children play today.  But in America, not so much.  Even the first nations here were a largely migratory... Continue Reading →

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