I was in third grade when I figured out I was... different. My beloved teacher, Mrs. Sands, made me stay in from recess to clean out my desk. She showed me the other desks, pencils neatly lying in the pencil tray, notebooks and a couple papers stacked inside. Then she showed me my own desk,... Continue Reading →

I didn’t sign up for this.

When we started walking, the sun was out, the day was blue and gold and green, hopeful. By the time we started back, the sky was dark, heavy with rain, which fell at an astonishing rate -- 2 billion drops per second square, or thereabouts -- and soaked us through. That was not the plan!... Continue Reading →

I don't feel like writing, some days.  Don't feel like making supper, or cleaning out the refrigerator and identifying the source of that smell.  Don't feel like doing much of anything, truth be told, but snugging up under the covers and reading about somebody else... somebody who does something besides pull up the covers. So... Continue Reading →

Flammable Pajamas

You gotta love helpful warning labels:  Caution -- do not sit under coconut tree.  Warning -- rat poison causes cancer in laboratory rats.  Ten cuidado -- do not rub jalapeno juice in your eyes.  But those flammable pajama labels are so, so important, because I was all set to build a campfire in the kids'... Continue Reading →

School days, school days.

Books, poems, paper airplanes, walks in the woods, caterpillars, magnifying glasses, music, tasty things that can be measured, fascinating people, unbelievable tales of adventure and derring-do, wonder, telescopes, paint, hammer and nails, candle wax, beeswax, curls of pencil shavings, smudges, laughing, brain teasers, trivia, hearts poured out on paper, challenge, reward, curiosity, dreams. School starts... Continue Reading →

Joyful January

January 2 ought to be known as Anticlimax Day.  The turkey is getting a little... ripe, the lights are coming down, the New Year's Resolutions have already been broken, the batteries in the new toys have died.  The parties are over, the eggnog's run out, the radio is playing the same old songs from October... Continue Reading →

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