Stacking the odds.

"Best part?" he asks every night at supper. And the kids shout out, especially the happy ones, "Playing with Legos and building a Star Wars/Lord of the Rings/Velociraptor!" "Eating doughnuts for breakfast!" "Being here with you, Dad." That one makes a regular appearance, equal parts delightful and deliberate. But some days the kids are grouchy,... Continue Reading →

Best Christmas Pageant (Tea) Ever

So tomorrow is the Christmas Tea, our church's annual ladies' event. Guess who's speaking? Tonight we set things up, the miles of garland, enough lights to reach from Colorado to California, plates enough to stack to the moon, all things glittering, all things white, all things shiny. We worked, and worked, and all the while... Continue Reading →

Books and Trees

Aspen trees are practically synonymous with Colorado, but I can't for the life of me get one to grow in my backyard. Stubborn trees, they grow where they will, and they flourish in the scarred and broken places. Try and put one in a nice sunny spot with lots of water and specialty garden soil,... Continue Reading →

10,000 Ways That Won’t Work

Thomas Edison is known to have said, “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” 10,000? Here are a few. 1. Whining doesn't work. Just makes yucky things take longer. 2. Being crabby. Ditto. 3. Being prideful. Love falling on my face, but perchance a little humility goes a long way?... Continue Reading →

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